About ONEcaregiver resource Center

A centralized platform to support caregivers and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities who may be at risk of, or are living with, Alzheimer’s disease or related dementia.

ONEcaregiver Resource Center is an integrated response to the growing needs of adults with an intellectual and developmental disability (I/DD) and dementia, and their caregivers. This virtual resource center offers a centralized platform, with the goal to share information, provide educational opportunities, present the latest research and offer opportunities for support. According to the US Census, in 2010, there were 850,600 adults over 60 with I/DD living in the community. It is projected that this number will increase to 14 million by 2030.  In addition to this, estimates show that 75 percent of older adults with I/DD live with their families. As this population grows, not only will their needs increase, but also the needs of their family caregivers.

Little boy with his mother resting her hand lovingly on his face
Man standing with his arm around an adult living with an intellectual and/or developmental disability
Elderly women sitting on a chair, smiling with a baby on her lap

Since 1994, ONEgeneration has been an expert and lead in intergenerational programming, enriching lives of children, teens, adults and seniors of all abilities. ONEgeneration’s philosophy is rooted in the belief that all communities have the capacity to embrace an inclusive society that provides comprehensive resources, services and programming to children, teens, adults and seniors, which will magnify individual strengths and similarities, inspiring intergenerational relationships.

ONEgeneration Adult Daycare is both a medical and social model that helps seniors and adults with an intellectual and developmental disability (I/DD) to continue living at home with their loved ones by providing a safe, supervised haven during the day. ONEgeneration Adult Daycare provides participants with person centered, cognitively stimulating activities, socialization, and physical exercise, to participants with Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and adults with I/DD and dementia, while simultaneously providing respite to their caregivers. The hallmark of ONEgeneration is their intergenerational programming which unites seniors and children for daily multicultural activities. Research has shown that young children who participated in intergenerational care had more advanced motor and cognitive skills, higher developmental scores, and more advanced social and emotional competencies than their non-intergenerational peers did, and older adult participants reported lower levels of loneliness, reduced agitation, and improved health.

Elderly women sitting with toddler on her lap
Elderly participating in some sort of fun activity with water balloons
Several seniors standing together with smiles and their hands in the air. They are in a dance studio

ONEgeneration Senior Enrichment Center (OSEC) is located in the heart of Reseda, CA serving over 3,600 members annually. In 2018, OSEC earned national accreditation through the National Council on Aging and National Institute of Senior Center’s and remains the only Senior Center in California to hold accreditation status. OSEC provides a wide array of programs and opportunities for active older adults, improving socialization access, encouraging physical fitness, health education, wellness programs, nutrition and social services, to those who are still engaged in the community. OSEC also houses a home based Case Management program to frail homebound seniors who are at risk of hospitalization and institutionalization.

Seniors in front of sheet music with ukeleles
Senior woman sitting in restaurant booth hugging a child

ONEgeneration Grandparents as Parents (GAP) is an innovative program providing advocacy, support, counseling and linkages to grandparents who are currently caring for a grandchild or other family relative. GAP services address the immediate needs in the home, fostering resiliency and strengthening bonds between child and caregiver in these non-traditional relationships. As families, try to navigate between complex court systems and the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), GAP staff plays an instrumental part in assisting families, by acting as liaisons and advocates in order to get family’s needs met.     

Senior woman sitting in restaurant booth hugging a teen
Three babies in activity gym smiling

ONEgeneration Childcare & Preschool offers care for children ages 6 weeks to 6 years. The program provides an intergenerational context where seniors from the adult daycare and children have the opportunity for daily interactions.  These caring connections, help children acquire new interests, skills and learn the meaning of acceptance, cooperation and compassion.  For families with older relations who do not live in the area, children have the opportunity to foster an ongoing bond to a senior that they see daily.

Six small children sitting together at a table playing and talking to one another