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A centralized platform to support caregivers and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities who may be at risk of, or are living with, Alzheimer’s disease or related dementia.​

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Featured Webinar

Listening to Families and Advocates: A Panel Discussion on Maintaining Person Centered Care Throughout the Lifespan

Individuals with Down syndrome are living longer than ever. With an increased life expectancy, there is a heightened risk for Alzheimer’s disease. During this free webinar, participants will learn about:
  • Discuss how access to informed health care in terms of ‘Person Centered Approach’ serves families and older adults with IDD.
  • List at least 4 challenges to families with adults with IDD and how to address them.
  • List at least 3 suggestions on how to seek information and resources on aging, dementia and IDD.
  • Relate to the experiences of the panelists and apply at least two of the experiences to their own family or families they serve.
  • Acquire basic understanding in aging in all persons, including adults with IDD.
  • *CEUs will NOT be offered.
  • *The first 50 attendees who complete and score the highest on both the pre & post-test will receive a participant incentive.
–Funding for this Webinar proudly supported by the UniHealth Foundation–

Research and News

People with Down Syndrome Are Living Longer, but the Health System Still Treats Many as Kids

The Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) Health News is a national newsroom that provides information on health issues to the nation. In a recent article on Down Syndrome and Aging, they explore the health inequities in this population, how to address it and advocate for better care.

Research and News

Over-Medication and Older Adults with Intellectual Disability: Risks for Brain Health

Overmedicating can have negative effects on physical and brain health, as well as potentially increase the risk for mild cognitive impairment or dementia. The National Task Group (NTG) and the Health Matters Program as part of an advisory series on risk reduction in adults with intellectual disability and promoting healthy brain outcomes. The advisory recognizes that in some instances The intent of the advisory is that the information provided will lead to constructive scrutiny of medication use, avoid “medication harm”, and result in positive health outcomes.

Research and News

NTG Issues an Advisory on Long-COVID and its Cognitive effects on Adults with I/DD

The Advisory contains the NTG’s position on this condition and addresses the background and definition of the cognitive aspects of Long-COVID, its symptoms and effects, what to look for with respect to symptoms, and what agencies and others can do to help adults affected by Long-COVID.

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A guide for adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and their caregivers.
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